The three common website types that you must know

The theme and purpose of creating websites are very diverse. If the group can be divided into several categories, and into the most common ones, there are actually 3 of them. Apart from that, you can also hire the seo companies in new york for improving the traffic on your website.


e-Commerce (Electronic Commerce)

Some people think that e-Commerce is online shopping, spending, or buying something on the Internet. Online transactions are only a small part of e-Commerce goals. Most of the functions of e-Commerce are the process of business-to-business trade relations, to facilitate the purchase or sale between companies. The payment process usually uses Online Processing Credit Cards, Money Transfers, or Cash on Delivery if the customer addresses one city with the seller.

We just try to create an e-Commerce site. The site that we will build is used to sell goods on the Internet, although in fact the notion of e-Commerce is not limited to product trading in cyberspace. Regarding e-Commerce will not be discussed in detail here.

The website that we will create is not e-Commerce that is reliable with program support and complicated features, because the job requires a strong team as well. We will try to make a simple website for information while selling books. That site we call Book Online Kiosk.

Marketing Tool (Marketing Tool)

This site usually displays information on products or services from a company to capture consumer interest. Because of its promotional nature, the appearance is sometimes simple but designed in such a way as to look attractive. This site does not provide online sales, but visitors are given information on where to get the product or service being promoted.


The internet as a medium of information can also be used to create virtual schools. Learning a variety of knowledge now is not only in school or through books. With e-Learning, the teaching and learning process can be done online, without having to meet face to face with students.

Value Added (Value Added)

At present, it seems less trendy if a company or institution does not have a website, even though the website is only for additional information. This site usually contains general information about the company

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