The 3 superiorities of Arabic language compared to the others

What are the advantages of Arabic compared to other languages? Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the language, we recommend you to take the online Arabic learning.

First, Arabic is an old language and still used by mankind to this day.

Secondly, it is not surprising that Arabic has the vocabulary and extensive vocabulary. Even Arabic experts say that Arabic has the most amazing synonym. The word camel in Indonesian only has one equivalent (they’ve got some similarities), it has 800 equivalents of the word in Arabic, all of which refer to a camel animal. While the word ‘dog’ has a 100’s equivalent word. This phenomenon never existed in any other language. And it is only in Arabic because the age factor of Arabic is very old, but still used as a language of daily communication until now.

Third, throughout history, humans have never known a single language that still exists until now. Every language has an age, the rest just a historical relic. Even Inggri still has a history gap. In a sense, the English used today is much different from the English spoken by the English in medieval times

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