Tips to Know Water You Can Use for Cooking Needs

What did you know before going to the market to get alkaline water purifier? Water straight out of the water tap can not be drunk directly, even though the water has been cooked until boiling. In addition, there is water to avoid when we use it for cooking. Cooking using a water faucet means we consume water. If the water contains bacteria can be lost by cooking until boiling, but what if it turns out water contains chemicals such as iron or chlorine? By choosing the right water filter or water filtration, we can get good water quality and it is certain that the water is suitable for cooking. Here’s how to know if water at home is worth using for cooking or not.

1. Check the Water
Turn the water faucet and put it in a glass, then use to rinse. If it tastes bitter, salty, or sour, then you have to be careful.

2. Know the smell of water
Simply take a little water and bring it closer to the nose. It is safer than if we use water to rinse because using water to rinse will be at risk the water will be taken.