Old Furniture Coloring with New Paint Colors

Old furniture that is in the house do not be rushed to be thrown away or sold at a flea buddy! Because you can still make it look attractive like new furniture by coloring or painting it with the following colors:

– Gray

For the color of furniture that you can use to an old furniture is gray. The gray color itself is a solid color that you can apply on old furniture that is worn, dull and shabby! Gray will give the impression of new furniture that feels more aesthetic. Visit our website to get the best services from Painters Brisbane.

– Blue Autumn

Other colors that you can use as a new color of old furniture is autumn blue. The blue color that implies a cool but eager autumn style

– Red
For the impression and atmosphere of a more classic home interior and charming choice of deep red color tone can be the right choice. one and the color composition that looks like red mixed with orange and brown color is very pleasing to the eyes. The impression of old furniture that is dull and shabby will automatically disappear immediately.