Scrapping and Analyzing keywords

In the Scraping Keyword process, I will search for keywords related to the desired niche (eg: niche “living room”). to do scrape there are many tools that can be used, ranging from manual way using Google Keyword Planner and the other reliable tools. Apart from that, perhaps you need to see the reliable Charles Brian International as well.

in this process will be obtained kw relevant to the niche you want (eg: living room), The result can be like this:

elegant living room sets
living room furniture sets under 500
purple living room ideas
table lamps for living room
wallpaper for living room
paint ideas for living room

all Scrape Keyword results are collected to then proceed to the next process of Keyword Analysis.

Keyword Competitor

All factors based on the index the user is using. some parameters that are often seen in the keyword competitors are Allintitle, Allinurl, Allinanchor, relevant page. I personally use SOC (MNF) to see in its entirety all the Keyword Competitor factors. SOC is calculated based on calculations between Allintitle, allinurl, and Allinanchor.

Web Page Competitor

The second part is analyzing the TOP 10 websites that occupy the first page. It is because this is your real competition. To make it easier to see this competitor’s web, I prefer to use the KC matric in Long Tail Pro. matric KC can be based on a calculation of PA, Link Juice, Domain Aged and Linkage with Title website that is on the first page of google.

That’s It .. Just like that simple way I do Keyword Research.

Are all the parameters/matrices of each software can be trusted? The answer is NO.
However, you do not need to think whether the matrix is valid or not, how the software determines LOW or HIGH a Keyword. the matrix is just an indicator for I to specify a keyword Low or High competition based on each PATTERN.

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