How to Choose the Right Umrah and Hajj Travel Agent

Although travel agent services are very useful, however, there are things that are important for you to pay attention in using the services of hajj and umrah trips because the increasing number of travel agents to the holy land that pops up is feared to be misused by people who do not to be responsible. For that, we need to be careful in determining the right agent. Have you tried to visit Here are some tips on choosing the best travel services bureau, among others, as follows:

– Ask for advice from relatives who have had the experience of using the services of Umrah and Hajj agents
– If you have got the right info, then please visit the location of the agent
– When visiting, pay attention to the condition of the surrounding room. Begin to do discussions, also pay attention to the way they serve customers.
– Make sure the travel agent you choose has a strong enough network, for example with a hotel, cruise ship, airline or car rental company

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