Customer service, CPanel, and Testimony of a hosting company

When using hosting, surely not everyone is smooth and many are confused in configuring, not to mention if you have questions about hosting that you will order, it is definitely easier if there are customer services who are ready to help your question. Apart from that, you may also try the $1 hosting if you need to save up a lot of your budget.

Imagine, if you have problems with your hosting, and you try to search through the internet but you don’t find a solution. That is the importance of the role of customer services.

And one more thing, you should choose a hosting service provider that has customer service that is friendly and not only responds improperly.

Then, you might also need to think about its CPanel.

This is also one of the important things that you must have if you use any web hosting service. I have uploaded my training website on a free web hosting and it turned out that there was no cpanel.

I also initially had difficulty opening the file manager. In essence, cpanel is important to you because you will be easier to manage your website. In addition, you can also get benefits like this if you have cpanel:

You can see the specifications of the server computer that stores your data.

You can also see your database and needs such as disk space, bandwidth, etc.

If you understand, you can fix your own website if there is an error.

Better, you choose hosting that has the cpanel feature so that you will be easier.

Finally, do not forget to check out the testimonies from its customers.

When there is a product being sold, at first people will definitely not believe even though the seller said that the product they sell is of high quality. Yes, they don’t believe right away because those who say are sellers.

It’s different if you say other people have used the product themselves. Certainly, people will be more confident that if the product owner immediately said it.

If most people are satisfied, then you don’t have to worry about the product a little. However, if many are not satisfied, then my advice is better to find a better hosting service.

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